Non NHS Work/Private Fees

Please view our fees for private and non-NHS procedures:



  • Typhoid: Free
  • Hepatitis A (2 injections): Free
  • Combined Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio: Free
  • Combinded Typhoid and Hepatitis A: Free


Straightforward certificates of fact:

  • Sports; Travel; Freedom from infection: £25.00
  • Registration Letter: £25.00

More complex certificates:

  • Incapacity for work (except those required for SSP): £60.00
  • Accident or sickness insurance certificates (no examination): £60.00
  • Private medical insurance (PMI) claim form or pre-treatment form: £60.00
  • Health club brief written report to certify fit for sport: £60.00
  • School fees and holiday insurance forms: £60.00
  • Travel insurance claim: £60.00
  • Sports (including basic exam): £60.00


  • Homeless letter: Free
  • Blue badge (disabled parking): Free
  • Letters from clinicians: (not otherwise specified): £25.00

Please note, we do not provide:

  • Letters regarding housing; please apply to your local council, who will contact your GP if necessary (with you consent)
  • Letters or reports to take to disability assessments or appeals (DLA)
  • ID verification (including passports and student finance)

Records and Reports

  • Access to medical records on line or paper copies of full records: Free
  • Record extract for employer/local authority/insurance: Free
  • Written report without examination on a pro-forma no examination (eg: 20 mins): £70.00

Written reports without examination with detailed opinion and statement on condition of patient:

  • Accident or sickness insurance to support claim: £100.00
  • Employment reports: £100.00
  • Fitness to attend education (university etc): £100.00
  • PMI reports of prospective subscriber: £100.00

If examination is required for these, the fee is £130.00


  • Blood test only: £30.00
  • VOC certificate: £12.50
  • Series II pro forma: £40.00
  • Copy of visual fields: £40.00
  • VOC ECG: £40.00
  • Medical declaration for taxi drivers (TPH/204): £70.00
  • Full medical report (no examination): £100.00
  • Full medical report with examination (including taxi and public passenger vehicle): £100.00
  • Elderly Driver Fitness: £40.00

Local Authority Medicals

  • Adoption/Fostering/carer form/AH2/Child minder/: £80.00
  • Looked after child form: £39.22 (or as set by local council)
  • Power of attorney examination and certificate: £75.00
  • Fire Arms (Police to be informed): £45.00

Fees For Private Patients (to be booked outside core hours)

  • Private registration (including Health check): £50.00
  • Private Consultation (30mins or portion thereof): £100.00
  • DNA Paternity Test (swabbing): £35.00
  • Private Prescription: £25.00
  • Private Nurse Consultation (including blood tests): £50.00
  • Private Fit note £25.00

Occupational Health Reports/Tests

  • Completion of Health Questionnaire, basic: £30.00
  • Completion of Health Questionnaire, detailed: £40.00
  • Phlebotomy for blood tests: £30.00
  • Hepatitis B immunisation: Free
  • BCG scar check: £15.00

Additional services required will be charged at the recomended price quoted by BMA.