Requesting repeat prescriptions

We currently issue around 450 repeat prescriptions per day – you can help us ensure that these are done safely and efficiently. Repeat prescriptions take 2 days to process, so please make sure to leave plenty of time to request your new medication before you run out.

You can request a repeat prescription through:

  • GP Apps
    We recommend the NHS app – as it’s easy to do and your authorised repeat prescriptions are easily available to see.
    If you would like further details about how to download the app, please speak to Reception.
  • The Practice website through the Prescriptions tile on the homepage, or, you can request in writing through Reception. Please ensure your name, date of birth and the medication you require are clearly marked.
  • Your Pharmacy
    Please speak to your local pharmacist for more information. Unfortunately, we are unable to process prescription requests over the phone.

Hospital Outpatient Prescriptions

You may be prescribed medication after a hospital outpatient and request the GP to prescribe this. Please be aware this may take up to 2 weeks in order for the Doctor to receive the information from the hospital and ensure that they are prescribing safely. Alternatively, you may wish to bring a copy of the hospital prescription letter to Reception to add to your files and make a telephone appointment to speak with a GP.

Private Prescriptions

Private prescriptions may be issued at the discretion of the clinician, according to clinical need. A fee is payable for private prescriptions. Please remember that everyone who has a repeat prescription needs an annual review to ensure we are prescribing safely. Please make an appointment with the practice pharmacist if your medication review is due.

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website, NHS: Get Help With Prescription Costs.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions at NHS: Who Can Get Free Prescriptions.