Recording Consultations By Patients

Whilst Battersea Fields Practice cannot place restrictions on a patient wishing to make notes or a recording of a consultation or conversation with a member of the clinical team when it is felt absolutely necessary by the patient to do so, we as a team expect that:

  • Any recording is done openly and honestly
  • The recording process does not interfere with the consultation process or the treatment or care being administered
  • The patient is aware that an entry will be made in their healthcare record that they have recorded the consultation (or care being provided)
  • The patient understands the private and confidential nature of the recording and that it is their sole responsibility to ensure it is kept safe and secure
  • The recording is being made for personal use only
  • Any misuse of the recording, including using it to harass, intimidate or threaten organisation staff, may result in criminal or civil proceedings
  • Staff should be assured that it is in their best interests as the record of the meeting will be accurate, fair and that there can be no misunderstandings at a later point
  • The recording will not be shared to third parties unless this is an absolute requirement